Students are required to bring their own laptops

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Unformatted text preview: ns in the companion course textbook. Students are required to bring their own laptops to use for the experiments (if you do not have one, you may borrow one on a temporary basis until you have the opportunity to purchase one). Location: Fall Semester ­ 165 Bloomberg Center, Rooms A, B, C. Spring Semester ­ 165 Bloomberg Center, Room A. Summer Semester ­ 165 Bloomberg Center, Rooms A, B, C. Laboratory Manual: Available online through JHU Blackboard website: Login and click on the course link Recommended Book: 1. An Introduction to Error Analysis by John R. Taylor Number of Experiments/Activities for the semester: 8 Course Policies 1. Each student, paired with a lab partner, is assigned to one section under the supervision of one lab instructor. This assignment can be changed during the course of the semester by the lab instructor. 2. You should read the required material, in the online lab manual, associated with that day’s experiment before coming to the lab. 3. The lab will be closed at 11:50 am, 4:20 pm or 8:50 pm, depending upon the lab session. Please leave all the equipment in proper order before you leave the lab. Please remove all your personal belongings and laptop before leaving the lab. 4. Each experiment must be performed within the assigned section in the designated time period. All activities of the experiment, data taking, analysis, and writing the lab report are to be Page 2 completed during two­hour fifty minutes. There is no work required outside of the lab period, other than reading up on the concepts to be covered in lab that week. 5. Managing Your Time: Since there is a lot to do, it is very important to keep to a schedule. The lab handouts suggest a time plan (which in some cases needs to be strictly adhered to). It will help a lot if you focus on your goals and tasks in the lab and don’t waste time. If you take a lot of time on irrelevancies you may have trouble finishing. You need to document what you are doing in a lab write­up carried out as you go. 6. Each student is required to submit an indi...
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