The student should also have an official letter from

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Unformatted text preview: ofessor. The lab professor’s decision is the final decision regarding lab grades. Please do not approach the Dean’s Office or the Registrar’s Office with issues related to grading of the lab. 14. Any student with a disability is urged to see the lab supervisor early in the semester to make necessary arrangements to support a successful learning experience. The student should also have an official letter from the office of disability services, which requests the special arrangement for that student. 15. If a student is registered in a particular section, the student should attend only that section. If the student does not attend that section and consistently attends a different section, the grades of the student will be docked at the end of the semester. (Once in a while a student is permitted to attend another section for making up a missed lab) Grading The emphasis in this course is not on getting the right answer; rather, it is on the scientific process: can you identify the data you need to answer a question, design an experiment to collect that data, and then interpret that data. In this sense, your errors will not be propagated through the lab. Your experimental design will be graded separately from your data analysis, and both will be graded separately from your conclusions. For example, if your design is flawed, but you collected data properly, analyzed it properly, and then drew conclusions from it that were appropriate for the data, you will only lose points for the flawed design because that is where your error was. Page 4 Final Grade One lowest grade will be dropped. The cumulative of all other experiment/activity grades will be taken into account and the Course Professor will provide you with a letter grade at the end of the semester. Make­Up Labs End of the Semester At the end of the semester, a week is set aside so that students can complete one lab that they missed during the semester. The make­up cannot be used to redo a lab. During the Seme...
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