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Sample Lab Report

I do not think there is any way i can come up with a

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Unformatted text preview: changed as we took data. I will also state my average reaction time (with error) for both data sets, and the average distance I let the ruler fall (with error) for both data sets. How accurate can you be? Well, I am assuming that my “average reaction time” actually exists, so my accuracy depends on how consistently I am able to take data. For example, if I were playing around for part of the time while we were taking the data set when I was supposed to be paying attention, then I have skewed my data set towards longer reaction times. Similarly, I have to define what I mean by distracting myself, and then distract myself in a consistent fashion as we take data. Also, I have to grab the ruler in a particular fashion. The way I did this was as follows: I held my hand so that my thumb and forefinger touched the metal at the bottom of the drop apparatus, and I measured the length the ruler fell by the position of the top of my finger on the ruler. I imagine there are other factors affecting the level of accuracy attainable by this experiment, but these are a few obvious ones. I do not think there is any way I can come up with a numerical value of my accuracy. Question 1: Describe your design. How does your design answer the experimental question? What were you able to measure, and what did you actually measure? What, if anything, did you calculate from your measured quantities, and why? I described my design, and how it answers the experimental question, in my ans...
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