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My method of distraction was angry birds and i decided

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Unformatted text preview: ges of your design? What could you have improved, done differently, etc.? First of all, we were given only two pieces of equipment: the drop apparatus and the ruler. So there wasn’t much else we could do with the equipment besides what we did. My method of distraction was Angry Birds, and I decided to try to absorb myself fully in the game. So I didn’t look at the drop apparatus, and I grabbed at the ruler when I heard it coming down. Since I looked at the drop apparatus when I wasn’t distracting myself, I was using two different senses. I really should have tried to listen when the ruler would fall when I wasn’t distracting myself, to make the control (where I’m not distracting myself) more similar to the measurements when I am distracting myself. Of course, if you’re texting while driving, you’re looking at your phone and not the road, so in that sense my data- taking method corresponds to reality. Nonetheless, I really should have made my control as similar as possible to the real experiment. We could have taken more data: we still had plenty of room between our standard error and the non- random error present in the experiment. Also, Ji and I could have switched roles, to measure her reaction time. It would have been nice if the bottom of...
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