A covalent bonds b hydrogen bonds c

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Unformatted text preview: 2C glycerol Which chemical is in the tube with the RED ball? A: isopropanol B: propylene glycol C: glycerol OH OH iClicker Question 4: The structure of thiopropane is shown below. What would you expect its viscosity to be? H 3C CH SH H 3C A B H 3C OH H 3C CH H 2C isopropanol D H 2C H 3C CH C propylene glycol CH OH OH OH H 2C glycerol OH OH iClicker Question 5: When water boils, the liquid H2O molecules are converted to: A: gaseous H2O molecules B: gaseous H2 and O2 molecules C: gaseous H and O atoms D: gaseous H-  and –OH fragments E: none of the above iClicker Question 6: Base- pairing by hydrogen bonds: W A: W- Z H 2N NH 2 H N N and X- Y N N N N O B: W- Y O O X Z H N and X- Z HN NH N N Y N NH 2 O W O NH 2 Z H N N HN N N N O H 2N O X H N Y N NH N N N NH 2 O...
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