A cells with pglo require ampicillin for growth b to

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Unformatted text preview: e GFP gene on pGLO to be expressed. D. Cells with pGLO will grow more slowly than those without pGLO. E. More than one of the above iClicker Question 3: Which of the following will function properly in all organisms? A. The coding region of a bacterial gene. B. An origin of replication from a bacterium C. A promoter from a bacterial gene D. More than one of the above E. None of the above iClicker Question 4: Consider the part of pGLO labeled ori; this stands for origin of replication. Why must it be part of pGLO? A. So that pGLO will be copied in the bacterium. B. So that you can select for cells carrying pGLO. C. So that the cells will produce GFP. D. So that pGLO can replicate in human cells. E. None of the above. iClicker Question 5: Consider the part of pGLO labeled araBAD promoter. Why must it...
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