A the presence or absence of dna in the different

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Unformatted text preview: . D. The sequence of the DNA bases of particular genes in the different samples. E. The complete sequence of the DNA bases in the different samples. iClicker Question 4: Next week, you will collect DNA from cells in your mouth to determine which alleles of a gene for tasting PTC you have. Why do you use mouth cells as a DNA source? A. Because you taste with cells in your mouth (your tongue). B. Because it is easy to get cells from your mouth. C. Because it is easy to get DNA from cells collected from your mouth. D. Because only cells in your mouth have DNA in them. E. More than one of the above. iClicker Question 5: Which of the following shows a single strand of DNA? A. 5’-GACUGC-3’ B. 5’-GACGTT-5’ C. 3’-GATCCT-5’ D. 5’-CATTG-3’ ||||| 3’-GTAAC-5’ E. None of the above iClicker Question 6: Which of the following shows a proper double- stranded DNA molecule? A 5’-GATTCG-3’ |||||| 5’...
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