Zb5sz3 modules for as i interface with 22 mm control

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Unformatted text preview: r AS-i Interface with Ø 22 mm Control and Signalling Units Description Application Catalog Number Mounted on panel, with a Harmony style push button Profil P 7.0 4 I/O direct supply for AS-i bus XBZS43 XBZS43 BA 9s Bulbs and Associated Accessories Description Incandescent bulbs Characteristics Catalog Number DL1CE024 120-130 V, 2.4 W DL1CF••• DL1CE012 24 V, 2 W DL1CE130 120-130 V DL1CF110 230-240 V Neon bulbs DL1CB006 12 V, 2 W DLCE••• 6 V, 1.2 W DL1CF220 Bulb extractor XBFX13 Lens cap tightening tool Illuminated push buttons with flush push ZBZ8 Operator Mounting and Wiring Accessories Description Characteristics Power driver bits for mounting and wiring (package of 5) Cross headed screw (pozidrive type 1) Mounting adapter XBFX13 Catalog Number For mounting 22 mm pushbutton in 30 mm KO ZB4BZ905 ZBZ41 Replacement Keys for Emergency Stop Push Buttons and Selector Switches Description ZBZ8 Set of 2 keys Key Number Catalog Number ZBG458A 520E ZBG520E 3131A © 1999-2005 Schneider Electric All Rights Reserved ZBG421E 458A 66 ZBG455 421E ZBG455 455 ZBG3131A...
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