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SW 222 Tulane University Inner City/College Drug Use School of Social Work Professor R. Parquet Spring 2008 FINAL ASSIGNMENT You will select one of the topics below and complete a 6 – 8 page (12 - 16 pages if working in a group) double-spaced, type written paper. 1. You have been appointed the post Katrina drug czar of the City of New Orleans. You have been assigned the task of insuring that the “crack” cocaine problem does not reemerge in the city. Address 1) prevalence rate/usage, 2) population(s) affected, 3) issues of violence associated with the “crack” cocaine, 4) resources needed, and elimination/prevention strategy. 2. Identify and select two (2) illegal drugs from class discussions and address: 1) the etiology/history, 2) pharmacology/symptoms, 3) usage trends, 4) population(s) affected, and 5) physical, psychological, and emotional effects of long term use
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Unformatted text preview: and abuse. 3. Select a country where marijuana use is legal and discuss the countrys 1) policy, 2) pre and post legal usage rates, 3) political impact, 4) social impact, 5) criminal justice impact, and 6) economic impact. The paper is to be written in APA style with a reference page. You may complete the assignment individually or as a group. Groups may be composed of no more than four (4) members. If you opt to work in a group, each member shall complete a self and peer assessment sheet that will be used to assist in computing the individual grade for each member. I am also open to a more creative final assignment of your own design. However, it must be approved by me in advance. The paper is due in class on April 23 2006 ....
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