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Team Contract - i Mission Statement and Stakeholders Our...

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i. Mission Statement and Stakeholders Our mission is to establish a reliable and well known delivery service by providing students all over campus with the ability to request delivery of a variety of foods and beverages. We can maintain our reputation by continuing to work with our employees and customers in a respectful. These following four principles will help us measure how well our company exists: 1. Working together and accepting diversity with other employees and students 2. Remaining professional at all times of delivery 3. Understanding the student’s needs 4. Treating all the suppliers (Harry’s, Currito, A&W, Einsteins, and LaCava) with respect and continuing to cooperate and work together in order to satisfy the customers All stakeholders are essential to the firm and its success. Major stakeholders include the students, the businesses from which we deliver from (Harry’s, Currito, A & W, Einstein’s, and LaCava), bankers, investors, our competition (Peapod and Take-Out Taxi) and our employees. Our top priority out of our stakeholders will always be our customers followed closely by the companies we work with and our competition. ii.
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Team Contract - i Mission Statement and Stakeholders Our...

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