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5 Improvements of AIS over Handwritten Work 1. Automatic Record Keeping With this software, an accountant only has to write the check and the AIS will automatically record this payment in the appropriate categories you select. This helps to save time and eliminate human error. 2. Condensed Files Instead of keeping many files and cabinets filled of paper, this AIS records documents electronically. This electronic advantage saves space and time in retrieving documents. 3. Export Copies and Backups With an AIS there is always the ability to back up your records and save them in multiple locations. This can help protect against theft and fraud.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Helps cut down on bogus entries An Accounting Information System knows how data should be entered into the system. This will help to keep accounts balanced and consistent and hopefully eliminate any human error and possibly even fraud. 5. Quick Record Retrieval With a computerized accounting system it can be easier and quicker to recall important data such as inventory, current assets and liabilities, and have quick and easy access to any financial information. This information is also quickly editable for ease in adjusting entries as needed....
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