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Unformatted text preview: promoting cell elongation. C) They increase growth by increasing photosynthesis. D) Auxins have no effect on plant growth. 47) If auxin produced by apical meristem is transported in equal amounts down all sides of a twig, it will probably A) elongate evenly. B) branch near its tip. C) flower. D) bend away from the apical meristem. 48) When a nursery worker pinches off the terminal buds on a young chrysanthemum plant to make it grow bushy, which of the following plant hormones is mainly responsible for growth of side branches? A) an auxin C) a cytokinin B) a gibberellin D) abscisic acide. 49) Which class of hormones produced in the roots of plants promotes cell division and growth, and retards the aging of flowers and leaves? A) gibberellins C) cytokinins B) phytochromes D) ethylene. 50) Most reliable way to stimulate branching in plant is A) to apply auxin to the axillary buds. B) to remove the terminal bud. C) to give short‐day light treatments. D) to add extra fertilizer. 51) Shoot branching is controlled mainly by the interaction of A) auxins and gibberellins. B) auxins and cytokinins. C) gibberellins and cytokinins. D) cytokinins and abscisic acid 3 4 BIO102 - EXAM 05 52) Which of the following hormones might induce seeds treated with it to break dormancy? A) an auxin C) a gibberellin B) a cytokinin D) ethylene 53) Fruit that forms on an unpollinated plant in response to a hormone will lack A) flavor. C) rind. B) seeds. D) naturally occurring hormones 54) Which type of plant hormone generally acts as a growth inhibitor? A) auxins C) cytokinins B) gibberellins D) abscisic acid 55) In many grocery stores, fresh fruits are sold prebagged in plastic bags dotted with holes so that they will not overripen. The main function of the holes is to A) permit the fruit to drain after being washed. B) facilitate diffusion of ethylene away from the fruit. C) prevent buildup of CO2. D) facilitate diffusion of O2 to the fruit 56) Which of the following growth responses causes the shoots of a plant grown in the dark to grow upward? A) phototropism C) photoperiodism B) thigmotropism D) gravitropism 57) The plant growth response to touch is known as A) gravitropism. C) bolting. B) geotropism. D) thigmotropism 58) What dense storage granule...
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