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Unformatted text preview: s in plant cells are thought to contribute to gravitropism? A) starch C) proteins B) cellulose D) chlorophyll 59) Which of the following plant responses is affected by photoperiod? A) gravitropism B) apical dominance C) onset of dormancy D) cell division 60) What term refers to seasonal changes in the relative lengths of night and day? A) photoperiod B) circadian rhythm C) gravitropism D) phototaxis ASSAY QUESTIONS 1) Answer below questions according to figure. a. Which part of root tip is apical meristem? (1.5 points) A) part A C) part C B) part B D) part D b. In your own words, please define the growth at the tip of the root in the space provided below (8.5 points). CHM101 - EXAM 05 2) After reading the paragraph, answer the question(s) that follow (5 points each). The redwood groves in Northern California are one of America's greatest natural resources. Redwoods can live more than 2,000 years and grow taller than 350 feet. When tourism became popular in the late 1800s, large tunnels were cut through the center of several of these giant trees to allow wagons to pass through (and to attract tourists to the location). Even today, visitors wait in line to be photographed driving their cars through a tunnel. When the groves were converted into national parks, the tunneling was discontinued, but several tunneled trees are still alive. a. Which of following choices correctly state sequence of b. When the redwood tunnels were first constructed, not much consideration was given to the long‐term effects of tissues a tunnel would pass through (starting from outer a tunnel on a tree's health. Nevertheless, many trees surface of tree and passing through the central core)? A) epidermis, cortex, primary phloem, primary xylem, have survived more than 100 years after the tunnel was heartwood, sapwood cut through their trunks. This is possible because B) heartwood, wood rays, cork cambium, secondary A) wood ra...
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