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Unformatted text preview: f calcium. B) generate hormones. C) add weight. D) support the body. 48) The contacting surfaces of a moving joint, such as your hip joint, consist of; A) collagen. B) cartilage. C) spongy bone. D) compact bone. 49) To repair and heal a broken bone, physicians will A) graft new bone to the region. B) exercise the area of the broken bone. C) prescribe a regime of bed rest and calcium supplements. D) return the broken bone parts to their natural position and then immobilize them. 50) Muscles are connected to bones by A) Sharpey's fibers. B) ligaments. C) tendons. D) myofibrils. 51) Which arrow shows the release of digestive enzymes by the pancreas? A) arrow A B) arrow B C) arrow C D) arrow D 52) Where is the antigen‐binding site of this antibody? A) site A B) site B C) site C D) site D CH...
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