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Unformatted text preview: hin a tolerable range. D) the mechanisms that allow an animal to hibernate without food or drink. 26) Animals that maintain internal body temperature using heat generated by their own metabolism are called; A) endotherms. B) aerophiles. C) thermoregulators. D) dormants. CHM101 - EXAM 03 27) Marine animals that have body fluids with a solute concentration equal to that of surrounding seawater are; A) osmoregulators. B) osmoconformers. C) osmoinformers. D) hypertonic. 28) Which of the following by‐products is most toxic? A) carbon monoxide B) ammonia C) urea D) lactic acid 29) Secretion is movement of substances such as drugs or toxic molecules from the ________ into the ________. A) nephron tubule . . . glomerulus B) glomerulus . . . nephron tubule C) blood . . . filtrate D) urinary bladder . . . outside 30) Compared to endocrine system, nervous system; A) has a faster response, but signal does not lastas long. B) has a slower response and signal that does not exist. C) has a faster response with a longer‐lasting signal. D) has a slower response with a longer‐lasting signal. 31) Which of the following hormone...
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