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Unformatted text preview: oval window D) auditory canal, eardrum, stirrup, hammer, anvil, oval window 44) If you are in an airplane encountering turbulence and you start feeling sick to your stomach, would closing your eyes help? Why? A) Yes. It will calm you by allowing sensory information from your chemoreceptors to properly readjust. B) Yes. It will eliminate the conflict between information from your inner ears and information from your eyes. C) No. It will intensify the feeling of falling by eliminating the sight of the cabin. D) No. It will focus your attention on the nausea. 45) Honeybees are able to discriminate between different flowers using; A) color vision. B) a single lens. C) eye cups. D) basilar membranes. 46) Which of the following statements about locomotion is true? A) Locomotion requires animals to overcome friction and gravity. B) Gravity is a greater locomotion problem for animals in water than those on land. C) Overcoming friction is a greater locomotion problem for land animals than for those that live in water. D) Bone strength is more important than body shape in the locomotion of land animals. 47) An important function of the bones in skeleton is to A) provide a source o...
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