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Unformatted text preview: dlings would cause them to bend. D) light is perceived by the tip of grass plants. 56. While on a walk through a forest, you notice birds in trees, earthworms in soil, and fungi on plant litter on floor. Based on your observations, you conclude that each of these organisms occupies a different A) habitat. B) ecosystem. C) biosphere. D) abiome. 57. You drive through Iowa in the spring and notice that along a stretch of several kilometers, every third fence post has a male redwing blackbird perched on it defending its nesting territory. This is an example of A) clumped dispersion. B) random dispersion. C) artificial dispersion. D) uniform dispersion. 58. The maximum number of individuals a habitat can support is called its A) reproductive potential. B) density‐dependent factor. C) community size. D) carrying capacity. 59. An r‐selected species typically A) offers considerable parental care to offspring. B) has an advantage in habitats that experience unpredictable disturbances due to their large growth speed. C) is large‐bodied and long‐lived. D) lives in stable climates. 60. Which of the following organisms best illustrates K‐ selection? A) the production of thousands of eggs every spring by frogs B) mice that produce three litters of 10‐15 babies in the course of a summer C) a polar bear producing one or two cubs every three years and taking good care of them D) a species of weed that quickly spreads into a region of cleared trees BIO102 - FINAL EXAM ASSAY QUESTIONS JOB IN THE FACTORY 1) If you remember, we had a question in the first exam asking you to explain cell's organelles and their functions relating them to a factory. Let's try this question again, by using the table below for an ANIMAL CELL. Please fill in the shaded blanks below. CELL ORGANELLE FUNCTION OF THE ORGANELLE Shipping/receiving department Plasma membrane Chief executive officer (CEO) Nucleus Contains the organelles; site of most...
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