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Unformatted text preview: ally if they are not derived from use cases A glossary is less formal, easier to maintain and more intuitive to discuss with external parties such as customers SSDs within the Unified Process SSDs within the Unified Process Create System Sequence Diagrams during Elaboration in order to: Identify System events and major operations Write System operation contracts (Contracts describe detailed system behavior) Support better estimates Remember, there is a season for everything: it is not necessary to create SSDs for all scenarios of all use cases, at least not at the same time Concurrency in Sequence Diagrams Concurrency in Sequence Diagrams Concurrent processes: After setting up Transaction Coordinator, invoke concurrent Transaction Checkers UML 1: asynchronous messages as horizontal lines with half arrow heads UML 2 makes this distinction by not filling an arrowhead Fowler prefers older notation. Why? Which do you prefer? If a check fails, kill all Transaction Checker processes Note use of comments in margin When i...
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