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Self-Quiz respiratory system

Decreasing the surface area of the respiratory

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Unformatted text preview: (b) normally considered an active process requiring muscle contraction is (c) occurs when alveolar pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure (d) involves the expansion of the pleural membranes (e) occurs when the atmospheric pressure is equal to the pressure in the lungs 14. Where is the cricoid cartilage located? (a) larynx (b) pharynx (c) trachea (d) primary bronchi (e) alveoli 15. What is a primary factor that allows bronchioles to collapse more readily than the rest of the bronchial tree? (a) The bronchioles are so small (b) Bronchioles don't contain smooth muscle (c) There is more air present in the larger breathing tubes (d) The rest of the bronchial tree contains supporting cartilage (e) Lack of lub...
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