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Self-Quiz Questions – blood

6 the presence of erythropoietin in blood

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Unformatted text preview: e production of red blood cells. (d) The liver takes part in the destruction and recycling of red blood cell components. (e) Red blood cells have a lobed nucleus and granular cytoplasm. 6. The presence of erythropoietin in blood (a) maintains blood volume (b) stimulates blood clotting (c) results in anemia (d) stimulates RBC production (e) increases the amount of free iron in the blood 7. If a differential white blood cell count indicated higher than normal numbers of basophils, what may be occurring in the body? (a) chronic infection (b) allergic reaction (c) leukopenia (d) initial response to invading bacteria (e) hemostasis 8. In a person with blood type A, the antibodies that would normally be present in the plasma is (are) (a) anti- A antibody (b) - B antibody anti (c) both anti- A and anti- B antibodies (d) neither anti...
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