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Mrs smith arrives at a health clinic with her ill

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Unformatted text preview: maintenance of a steady state in the body (b) abnormal increase in leukocytes an (c) a hereditary condition in which spontaneous hemorrhaging occurs (d) anticoagulant produced by some leukocytes an (e) a series of events that stop bleeding 15. Which of the following are mismatched? (a) white blood cell count below 5000 cells/μL, leukopenia (b) blood cell count of 250,000 cells/μL, normal adult male red (c) white blood cell count above 10,000 cells/μL, leukocytosis (d) platelet count of 300,000 cells/μL, normal adult (e) pH 7.4, normal blood 16. An individual with type A blood has in the plasma membranes of red blood cells. (a) antigen A (b) antigen B (c) antigen O (d) antigen A and antigen Rh (e) antigen B and antigen Rh 17. Mrs. Smith arrives at a health clinic with her ill daughter Beth. It is suspected that Beth has recently developed a bacterial infection. It is likely that Beth's leukocyte count will be _________ cells/μL of blood,...
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