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Patrick Dooley Govt Exam 2 Review Amicus curiae – Latin for “A friend of the court,” describes a brief in which individuals, not party to suit, may have their views heard. EX: abortion and environmental rights groups, a way to get their opinion heard in the system. Appellate jurisdiction/courts – Appellate Jurisdiction: the authority to hear the case on appeal after the case has been appeal from lower courts. Appellate Courts: Courts that hear cases on appeal from other courts. They review the case from the trial courts introducing no new evidence or witnesses. They often consist of 3 or 5 judges, can overturn conviction or order a new trial back at the lower court level. Basic Criteria for President 1. Must be at least 35 years old 2. Lived in USA for 14 years straight 3. Natural Born Citizen (or born on an American military base) Basic Duties of Congress Representation Law Making Consensus Building – bargain or reconcile agreement Overseeing Bureaucracy – oversight power to make sure the executive branch is doing what congress tells them to do Policy Clarification - identify, publicize, and bring awareness to issues. Investigating the operations of government agencies Bureaucrats (and what they do) – A person who works in the bureaucratic organization, or a career government employee. They do the work that: Implementation – organize and use expertise to put into action any policy that’s law Administrative Discretion – the “latitude” a bureaucrat has when implementing a law Administration – The act of doing their specific jobs. Regulation – make rules to regulate what they do (make regulations inside their dept) Bureaucracy – A large, complex organization characterized by a hierarchical set of offices, each with a specific task, controlled through a clear chain of command, and where appointment and advancement is based on merit. Cabinet – Cabinet departments are created by Congress with specific legal responsibilities and political mandates (President’s job would be impossible without the Cabinet). Cabinet officers run their department and advise the President on policy. Many Presidents distrust their cabinets and rely on the Executive Office of the President for their decisions. Casework – Services performed by members of congress for constituents. Censure – an official disapproval, used in both chambers of congess
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Patrick Dooley Chief of staff – A top advisor to the President who also manages the White House staff and also keeps the president up to date with important information. Circuit courts – The 12 geographical regions and one special court that hear appeals from the federal district courts. (Circuit courts are the middle of the three tear structure) Civil servants - Government workers employed under the merit system, not political appointees Civil service – Federal government jobs held by civilian employees, excluding political appointees. Class action suit –
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test2reviewsheet - Patrick Dooley Govt Exam 2 Review Amicus...

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