Costs and Benefits

Challenge to this finds a more linear relationship

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Unformatted text preview: s of being in a lower caste and not sending your child to school? What are the CHOICES? Income data has a lot of bias due to incentives to lie, etc. but there is not incentive to lie in a happiness survey. Easterlin paradox: Richard Easterling in mid- 70’s: As countries grew over time, they don’t necessarily get happier but on a whole the trend is observable Within rich countries by theselves there is no pattern and within poor countries same. This is because some of them are democracies while others are not and tend ot be more violent. More homogeneity in level of public goods rich countries have than poor countries Looking at per capita GDP and average country levels: there are big cultural differences between surveys etc. Challenge to this finds a more linear relationship than Easterling paradox Happiess patterns around the world: Happin...
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