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Unformatted text preview: child, r husb ried g pr ject eivi ulat he h ppos s, r was tol that sai and woman egnant ions t ng fer ion. ormone ed pre eferri growin d Adam she h d her will n , . he ti On i gn ng g s ad ex ev wen Ov ho lit th ndi anc to pro tha su per er t to er Dr. the ne rea oc ed ash rmo y t ree cat y W kno tme cas that ingt suppo . Ea baby dam with er in her erl he fer enc eco p t f i r ye Was ars wn nt ion y r e e v o s c i hin Wa as usu Two (30 points) t e a r t aire ing D st po volu formi heir d r. ss nt ng pa [approximate the Wa ibl ary ar tie n t e s Col hin fo ass ifi ts. umb gto rm oci cia completion [approximate completion Della Jones is also considering filing asks you to determine whether she has a good Washington for either negligence or battery. South Herman Poles. ngton an y get Adam n co e fe h ti was scar Wash thei s n was ducted us as e when gone" iage. ngton t m " r i r . gra dic uel n, pe for Questions Three and Four are indicated, you should assume n s ia dis n sayi of fra ation l inse tri ng ud. of min time: 45 ct tha I phy ati atto t hi n ad sici on p rney a s alle dition ans, c rocedu based on that the time: 45 nnou ged , th onsi res e ders to you know Please minutes] suit against Dr. Washington. cause of action against the following fact situation. common law applies. She Unless Brooks just returned from a five year expedition to the North During this period he had almost no contact with any humans, 4 nced minutes] Eve Adams comes to you, a well known torts lawyer, and asks if of any tort theory she could use to recover against Dr. Washington. state your conclusion and explain your response. Question gto shi hum all and rea Her hea epi sei Sat voi "En to abn his it new d no news has c nd men tic se es usu ay and of Mar tainme inute al ele ad, an writt pers. man d a lep zur urd ce ter a m orm he was spa of "E Her bur tel rem "En Her whe t...
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