alexs morality and jsutice paper

alexs morality and jsutice paper - Alexander de la Garza...

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Alexander de la Garza 904576599 Morality and Justice Throughout the years there have been many ways to resolve things, however one can not just choose one because it might be unjust, so how to resolve the dilemma through a just situation? What most humans in the past tend do to rely is tradition. For example, the practice of grading students for their performance in academic courses now includes a merit principle for determining most grades; the grade a student receives should reflect the quantity and quality of his work. It might be said in defense of such traditions that they have survived because they have proven more satisfactory to the parties affected rather than other alternatives, such as giving everyone the same grade or handing out grades in accordance with the student's ability to pay. To argue this way would be to reinforce the argument from tradition such as when people say "we've done it that way for a long time"; by a kind of Utilitarian argument people might say "let's optimize society's satisfaction". But sometimes traditions themselves can be unjust. Activities that take place within unjust social systems can themselves be unjust, in spite of their traditional nature. Thus a practice of giving a person that which is "his" can be unjust. Suppose this rule is included within a system of slave property, the "property" in question is a slave, and the practice would require someone meeting an escaped slave to return the slave to his or her master. The fact that the slave system is unjust raises doubts about the justice of activities that occur within that system, such as returning escaped "property" to its "owners." What
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alexs morality and jsutice paper - Alexander de la Garza...

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