Research and development rd have a few systems that

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Unformatted text preview: keep track of shipments and there status. Research and Development (R&D) have a few systems that need improvement. There was no design software at the start of the project of designing a new water bottle. Since there was no Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software at the beginning of the project, delays continued until the CAD was ready. This shows that the company should be little better prepared for up and coming projects. Lastly, a sub-system is needed to account for backing up data. Losing data to an unexpected power outage is unacceptable when trying to stay ahead. Possible solutions are an automated back-up system that records and computes information on an hourly basis, with a self-sustained power supply. If that is not an option due to costs, perhaps classes on better saving practices and data back-up procedures could be a quick fix. This company is expanding and keeping up with the times, these minor changes will help the company sustain business for the future. As Riordan Manufacturing moves forward, there are many prospective sub-systems in the company available which could be integrated into a fully functional progressive and cohesive system. As mentioned in the opening of this paper, Riordan has focused a great deal of attention on customer satisfaction. This is precisely the reason for the abundance of long-term customers. These customers, or stakeholders, have aided in the success on Riordan Manufacturing. Their A complete business major stakeholders consist of not only the stock and shareholders but of their retail clients, comprised of automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Department of Defense, beverage makers, bottlers, and appliance manufacturers. A review of their primary business systems however, shows that they are sorely in need of refinement. 12...
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