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Sales and marketing have been highly efficient as the

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Unformatted text preview: any to continue to operate at a profit. Sales and marketing, have been highly efficient, as the company has not only expanded nationally, but internationally. Effective processes are the bread and butter to the proper operation of a company¶s business systems. If however the Sales and Marketing department are not operating effectively then the rest of the business systems will not have the capital to operate. The current systems and sub-systems are effective, but some improvements could be made at this time in order to keep the company ahead of its competitors. Riordan Manufacturing¶s current data management system used in the Sales and Marketing departments is broken up into several categories. For years, the company has tracked sales using the pencil and paper method. During the last few years, Riordan has implemented an electronic method in an attempt to consolidate customer information and to deliver better value to the customer. This transition has been a challenge for Riordan Manufacturing in that every one of the company offices seems to be working independently on this instead of cooperatively. Riordan needs to be able to track their historical sales, past marketing research, design awards, and build a sales database. To do this, a common marketing software tool needs to be used by all the different offices and the information needs to be networked so that everyone can view it. It was mentioned in Riordan¶s Intranet Marketing site, that some of the sales team members are using a management database software tool called Act. Act is a widely used sales and marketing software tool that currently has over 4 million users worldwide and has proven to help build customer relationships as well as increase sales. A complete business 9 This management database system should be universal and distributed amongst all the different branches so that everyone is on the same system. The program needs to give coworkers the ability to view of all the accounts and to insure that when there is an absence in the department, the database can still be accessed by others. Additionally, all historical data that is not on an electronic database and should be entered into the database, and the idea of hiring a part-time college student is an excellent idea to help get all hard copies into a database so that information can be manipulated and used for research and future marketing with the company. After this database is distributed, and proper training is completed, the ability to maintain the companies marketing research will be a cinch. The database software will track deliverables by dates, unit and dollar volume of each item, and payment date order. In addition, the system will help Riordan¶s Sales department with record keeping, which is currently being completed in paper form. The Sales database should include new software that will reduce errors and accelerate the manual process. The system should include username and password access in order to control the different levels of per...
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