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These files would have to be kept in a secure format

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Unformatted text preview: m loss of data. These files would have to be kept in a secure format and location to ensure that the data would not be compromised. Riordan Manufacturing¶s Recruitment and Selection practices, Training and Development systems as well as the one-man show in the legal department are prime examples of systems in need of definite improvement. The Recruitment and Selection practices are local amongst all the company¶s office locations. The only national asset in use is the website Monster.com. Currently, the turnover rate is moderate, with most employees staying at least two years, however should expansion become necessary or desired, reaching out to a broader scope of people other than those found on Monster.com will become necessary. Possibly some advertising in a national newspaper or on additional websites would be a recommendation if budgeting allowed it. A complete business 7 Training and development is another area that could use some work. The one-day orientation and employee handbook are only a start to an individuals beginning employment with the company. This experience could be enhanced by the implementation of a feedback system using a well-designed questionnaire that would help to identify significant issues or trends in the company. In regards to the Legal Department, it was stated on the company website that, ³Mr. Bradford and Rick Ethridge handle all the company¶s patent applications. Litigation, tax issues and real estate matters are referred to Litteral & Finkel, but closely supervised by Mr. Bradford. Per Mr. Bradford¶s instructions, all communications between Litteral & Finkel pass through Mr. Bradford¶s office.´ This is where the biggest problem lies. Mr. Lowell Bradford heads the Legal Department. In this position, as company Chief Legal Counsel, Mr. Bradford overseas all company legal matters. On issues, that he is unfamiliar with or unknowledgeable about, Mr. Bradford will consult with Riordan's legal firm of Litteral & Finkel. On the surface, this seems a very viable solution. However, Mr. Bradford could be viewed as a possible single point of failure. Should an immediate legal situation arise and Mr. Bradford becomes indisposed or unable to provide quick comment, valuable company time and monetary resources might be unintentionally lost. The company¶s legal department operation could be greatly improved by the development and use of a business system designed to aid in the answering and tracking of all company legal questions. Riordan Manufacturing¶s mission statement details their desire to remain an innovative and forward thinking company. For this to remain a reality, they will need to automate certain areas of their human resources and legal department, to prevent the loss or corruption of data, A complete business 8 causing possible repercussions to the whole company. Once the inner company workings are improved, Riordan as a company must insure that it has a product line that the consumer wants and needs. The job of the Sales and Marketing department is a very important one and it has enabled the comp...
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