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This will allow for a more secure management system

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Unformatted text preview: sonnel involved in the data entry positions. This will allow for a more secure management system that will allow a user to print out reports for meaningful information so they can make knowledgeable decisions and write his or her own reports too. The Production Records requirements need to have a handheld portable scanner to receive items for records kept into Riordan Manufacturing database for later use, cycle counts with a point, and scan data that he or she has received. The portable scanner is to help in identifying each of the products when it is scan by the handheld portable pointer. A complete business 10 The Marketing Department should be able to enter profit and loss revenue in the database in order to find each statement by vendor¶s name, and to ensure all items were maintained correctly in the system. The Marketing and Production departments would also be able to find out what is missing in order to maintain accurate inventory, and to be able to check all the raw data prior to updating the main database. One of the first sub-systems noted dealt with the past marketing plans. Riordan is concerned with keeping the files of past marketing research and marketing plans. Currently, these files are not kept electronically; they are kept manually in a file cabinet in the marketing department. Certainly, this is not the idea avenue for storing data. The company has mentioned an idea of having the documents scanned electronically. This certainly would be a more advantageous method of keeping data. Another opportunity to establish an integrated sub-system has to do with the Marketing Budget. The marketing budget sub-system contains the historical and the current annual budget allocations for marketing research according to the Riordan Manufacturing website. It is not clearly stated whether this sub-system would be automated or not. However, the marketing communications and the marketing research would certainly need to be automated. It would be imperative to have the marketing communications information electronically stored in a format in which the data associated with marketing communications would be able to interact with the marketing research data. Riordan Manufacturing operations have been in effect since 1991, and even with their growth and expansions there are still some needed systems and sub-systems that need to be developed. As operations contain many elements within a business, this memo will not touch on all of them, just the areas that could use some updates. In inventory and shipping, the current A complete business 11 system is all paperwork and data entry into either the system at the manufacturer or possibly a national system between headquarters and the plants in GA, MI, San Jose, and China. Due to China¶s geography, they are currently operating independently and reporting data back to Headquarters. The other three have distinct roles, however manufacturing needs to be reported back to Headquarters in San Jose. Currently, paperwork exchanges hands, however a bar code system could be established so that all shipping information is routed into the same data set and it is easier to...
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