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18 pressurestress how much pressure dealing with

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Unformatted text preview: . Job- Sharing Opportunities How much opportunity do you want for job- sharing of hours? 7 22. Exit/Re- entry Opportunities 7 How much opportunity do you want for exit/re- entry into the workforce? 23. Parental Leave Opportunities 10 How much opportunity do you want for parental leave? 24. Free Time for Leisure/Family Activities 8 To what extent do you want your work to allow free time for family/leisure activities? 25. Job Security 10 How much security and stability do you want to have in your work (e.g., to know where you stand, to feel certain of your future, to be confident of your position and income)? 26. Can accept limited opportunities for advancement How much opportunity for advancement do you want your career situation to offer? 10 27. Opportunities for Leadership Development How much opportunity for leadership development do you want your career situation to offer ? 10 28. Community Prestige How important to you is the degree of prestige accorded to you as a pharmacist by the community where you live 10 and work? 29. Professio...
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