26 can accept limited opportunities for advancement

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Unformatted text preview: nal Involvement How important is it that your work provides the opportunity for professional involvement at meetings and other 9 events in the pharmacy profession? 30. Income 9 How important is income to you (income that you feel compensates you for the work you do)? 31. Benefits (vacation, health, retirement) How important is the employee benefit package offered by your career choice? 8 32. Geographic Location How important is the ability to practice anywhere in the country versus being limited to one geographic area? 4 33. Working Remotely 7 How much of your work would you like to be able to be conducted from a remote location such as from home? 34. Autonomy 7 How much autonomy in decision making and working independently do you want in your career choice? 35. Self- Worth 7 To what extent do you want your career choice to create self- worth through creating personal value and positive outcomes in your work? 36. Future Focus 10 To what extent do you want your career choice to allow you to be focused on the future versus a focus only on immediate tasks? 37. Professional Prestige To what exte...
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