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Unformatted text preview: prefer that your work directly or indirectly add to the well- being of individuals? 6. Collaboration With Other Professionals How much time do you want your work to involve working with health care professionals other than pharmacists? 10 7. Educating Other Professionals To what extent do you want your work to involve educating other professionals? 8 8. Variety of Daily Activities To what degree do you want your work composed of activities and tasks that are variable versus repetitive day to day? 5 9. Multiple Task Handling Do you want to work on one task or activity at a time or several at once? 2 10. Problem Solving What types of problems do you prefer being requested to solve in your work? Specific problems with largely "tried and true" solutions or more theoretical ones that require exploring untested alternatives? 2 11. Focus of Expertise 6 In your work as a pharmacist, would you prefer to have a sharply defined area of expertise or to have more "generalist" ex...
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