2 i buy recycled paper and purchase biodegradable

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Unformatted text preview: ecycled paper and purchase biodegradable products whenever possible. 3. I recycle my garbage, reuse containers, and try to minimize the amount of paper and plastics that I use. 4. I try to wear my clothes for longer periods of time between washings to save on water and reduce detergent in our water sources. 5. I try to reduce my use of gasoline and oil by limiting my driving. 6. I write my elected leaders about environmental concerns. 24 G E T F I T, S TAY W E L L M01_HOPS4332_02_SE_C01 PP3.indd 24 08/11/11 11:11 PM 7. I turn down the heat and wear warmer clothes at home in the winter and use the air conditioner only when really necessary. 8. I am aware of potential hazards in my area and try to reduce my exposure whenever possible. 9. I use both sides of the paper when taking notes and doing assignments. 10. I try not to leave the water running too long when I shower, shave, or brush my teeth. 0 Total for Section VI: Environmental Wellness = _________ SECtioN Vii: rEfLECtioN—your PErSoNAL WELLNESS CoNtiNuum 1. Enter your totals for sections I–VI below: 0 Physical Wellness ________________________________________ 0 Social Wellness __________________________________________ 0 Intellectual Wellness _____________________________________ 0 Emotional Wellness ______________________________________ 0 Spiritual Wellness _______________________________________ 0 Environmental Wellness _________________________________ 2. Understanding your scores: Scores of 35–50: Outstanding! Your answers show that you are aware of the importance of these behaviors in your overall wellness, and that you are putting your knowledge to work by practicing good habits that should reduce your overall risks. Scores of 30–34: Your wellness practices in these areas are very good, but there is room for improvement. What changes could you make to improve your score? Scores of 20–29: Your wellness risks are showing. Find information about the risks you face and why it is important to change these behaviors. Scores below 20: You may be taking unnecessary risks. Identify each risk area and, whenever possible, seek additional resources, either on your campus or through your local community health resources. To submit the completed lab, save the form to your computer and email it to your instructor or upload it to their digital dropbox as directed. C H A P T E R 1 C H A N G I N G P E R S O N A L B E H AV I O R S F O R O P T I M A L W E L L N E S S M01_HOPS4332_02_SE_C01 PP3.indd 25 25 08/11/11 11:11 PM...
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