I am open honest and get along well with others 2 i

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Unformatted text preview: open, honest, and get along well with others. 2. I participate in a wide variety of social activities and enjoy all kinds of people. 3. I try to be a “better person” and work on behaviors that have caused friction in the past. 4. I am open and accessible to a loving and responsible relationship. 5. I have someone I can talk to about private feelings. 6. When I meet people, I feel good about the impression they have of me. 7. I get along well with members of my family. 8. I consider the feelings of others and do not act in hurtful or selfish ways. 9. I try to see the good in my friends and help them feel good about themselves. 10. I am good at listening to friends and family who need to talk. 0 Total for Section II: Social Wellness = ______________ SECtioN iii: iNtELLECtuAL WELLNESS Never 1 Often 4 Always 5 1. I carefully consider options and possible consequences as I make choices. 2. I am alert and ready to respond to life’s challenges in ways that reflect thought and sound judgment. 3. I learn from my mistakes and try to act differently the next time. 4. I actively learn all I can about products and services before buying them. 5. I manage my time well rather than letting time manage me. 6. I follow directions or recommended guidelines and act in ways likely to keep myself and others safe. 7. I consider myself to be a wise health consumer and check for reliable sources of information before making decisions. 22 G E T F I T, S TAY W E L L M01_HOPS4332_02_SE_C01 PP3.indd 22 08/11/11 11:11 PM 8. I have at least one personal-growth hobby that I make time for every week. 9. My credit card balances are low, and my finances are in good order. 10. I examine my own perceptions and then check evidence to see whether I was correct. 0 Total for Section III: Intellectual Wellness = _________________ SECtioN iV: EmotioNAL WELLNESS Never 1 Rarely 2 Sometimes 3 Often 4 Always 5 1. I find it easy to laugh, cry, and show emotions such as love, fear, and anger and I try to express them in positive ways. 2. I...
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