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Unformatted text preview: the most essentialist forms of Negritude (especially that of Léopold Senghor 17), he nevertheless insists on the dialectical necessity of a moment of black identity as the functional content of his early symbolic decolonial violence (a function to be was impossible for me to get away replaced in Algeria by national consciousness). This dialectical necessity emerges most powerfully in Fanon's scathing and heartrending indictment of Sartre, who had reduced black identity to a merely antithetical moment in a preordained dialectical progression whose resolution was the proletariat. Fanon writes:For once, that born Hegelian had forgotten that consciousness has to lose itself in the night of the absolute, the only condition to attain to consciousness of self… Jean-Paul Sartre, in this work, has destroyed black zeal. In opposition to historical becoming, there had always been the unforeseeable. I needed to lose myself completely in negritude… at the very moment when I was trying to grasp my own being, Not yet white, no longer wholly black, I was damned.18Despite Sartre's best intentions, in...
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