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Unformatted text preview: is because 'quite simply' it was, in more than one way, becoming impossible for him to breathe." He adds: If the question of practical solidarity with a given past ever arose for me, it did so only to the extent to which I was committed to myself and to my neighbor to fight for all my life and with all my strength so that never again would a people on the earth be subjugated. It was not the black world that laid down my course of conduct. My black skin is not the wrapping of specific values.42 There is a concept of political life in these words that arises from a dissociation of politics as we know it, and identity. It is at once practical, immediate and urgent, as well as hopeful. Through it, we could understand politics as occurring in this "pre-identitied" space, always admitting the potential to succeed and fail at political projects, to communicate and fail at communicating, and to introduce "invention into existence."43 This is not an appeal to a new, all-inclusive identity category of humanity , which is what makes it difficult to conceptualize. But we would not have to go as far as Agamben does in his choice of the most abject embodiments of bare life, or in his absolute division between actuality and potentiality; we could think of political life as this community of singular...
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