nearly 100 gun control and violence prevention

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Unformatted text preview: ity one has to the to demand and to bestow compassion on the basis of human life, rather than on recognition for the other's identity or even subject status. 228-9). other, both Politicized Identity K - AT: Strategic Essentialism No justification for Manichean identification – causes genocidal and regressive politics Enns 7 (Diane, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy and Peace Studies, McMaster University, “Political Life Before Identity”, Theory & Event 10:1, Project Muse, og) My argument is premised on a disagreement with Alcoff, who worries that the focus on such places as Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia in discussions on identity, misses the "obviously different nature" of problems in the United States, a country not constituted by multiple ethnic groups with long histories of border disputes, but rather by forced immigrants and a history of slavery.21 Certainly there are social, political and historical contingencies that must not be overlooked in discussions of the politics of identity occurring in various...
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