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Unformatted text preview: se, very particular, interests, and why many objections to whiteness studies have simply joined the long history of attempts to assert the primacy of class over race. 25 Despite pretensions to an almost universal applicability, distinct U.S. academic debates, as well as specific political projects and disavowals (particularly of the settler-colonial underpinnings of the United States), silently orient the field. In many ways, debates about whiteness have primarily reflected a turf war over leadership in the field of labor history in the United States. The issues at stake are far too important to allow them to be subsumed within such parochial concerns . Their understanding of whiteness leaves whites with one option – insurgency and repudiation. This is bound to fail—liberal actions creates a representation of “whiteness” that faciliates rearticulating a positive, and anti-racist white racial formation. Howard Winant Sociology @ UCSB ’97 Behind Blue Eyes: Contemporary White Racial Politics
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