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Unformatted text preview: y, Freire AND Vygotsky! Know what I’m sayin’? WE NEED A SCHOLARSHIP REVOLUTION! [hook] Merge critical theory discourse Activism and teachin’ Consciousness raisin’ Signifyin’, Rappin’ and Preachin’ with substance for IMPACT Currently what we, in the Academy, lack and NEED to get back Or at least GET-on-Top-of-dat! Dyson, Rose, and Kelley analyzes chagrinned street rap Introduced to the Academy then translates it back West’s “Sketches” frames politics and Black history with rap and Spoken Word elucidation visionary All bein’ critical Show it’s legit elevate the scholarship to those not seein’ its merit They call for more conscious hip-hop and rap Yeah we certainly need much more of that! In fact We’re overdue for reclamation And the need is significant now Cuz there’s been a movement threatening the art In this country For while And utterly significant Is deconstruction first Cause 90s hip-hop and rap evolved reppin’ gangstas and hos in verse And its gotten worse! And all this pushed conscious hip-hop underground Brothas and Sistahsnowadays Active...
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