15 a war of position is a struggle that engages on a

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Unformatted text preview: f in that I think he still imagines that he has something to save, whereas I have never had anything to lose” (172). It is not a lack of goodwill or the practice of rhetorical discrimination, nor is it essentially the imperatives of the profit motive that prevent the hyperbolic circulation of Blackness from cracking and destabilizing civil society’s ontological structure of empathy—even as it cracks and destabilizes “previously accepted categories of thought about politics” ( Dorsey 355). The key to this structural prohibition barring Blackness from the conceptual framework of human empathy can be located in the symbolic value of that “something to save” which Baldwin saw in Mailer. It was not until 1967/68, with such books as Tell Me How Long the Train’s Been Gone—after he had exhausted himself with The Fire Next Time—that Baldwin permitted himself to give up hope and face squarely that the Master/Slave relation itself was the essence of that “something to save.” War Position War with in civil society is a revolutionary movement, Wilderson, Professor UCI, 2003 (...
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