15 this is not a novel ideology of progress of course

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Unformatted text preview: s it cannot help itself since, in the name of consistency, it must integrate everything and everyone — ‘la primera raza sı´ntesis del globo’. The empowerment and enfranchisement of an emergent identity can, it seems, incur not-so-hidden expenses. More recently, historian Gary Nash (who recognises, among others, the work of Root et al. as an influence) has written a book about ‘the secret history of mixed-race America’, an account of the ‘America that could have been’. Early on he claims that ‘the union of [John] Rolfe and Pocahontas could have become the beginning of an openly mestizo — or racially intermixed — United States’ (Nash, 1999, p. 8). His extended essay is a chronicle of relatively ‘anonymous Americans [that] have taken history into their own hands and have defied the official racial ideology’ (p. 19). He finds that some Americans built racial classifications and…some Americans have defied the way society defined them and dared to dream of a mixed-race nation. (...
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