2 this is all about policy a woman complained to me

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Unformatted text preview: n the racialized identity that Du Bois recommends. If Fanon understands the black man's need to assert himself as a black man, and betrays some ambivalence himself with respect to this need, he maintains a critical posture against the Negritude poets who conjure a "Magical Negro culture" characterized by an essentialized Negro sensitivity, intuition, poetry and rhythm (BS 123-128). In what is perhaps an autobiographical gesture, Fanon writes of the educated Negro, "slave of the spontaneous and cosmic Negro myth" who feels at a certain point that his race no longer understands him, or that he no longer understands his race: And it is with rage in his mouth and abandon in his heart that he buries himself in the vast black abyss. We shall see that this attitude, so heroically absolute, renounces the present and the future in the name of a mystical past. the refuge sought in an absolute black identity -- however justified by the injury of injustice -- forecloses a future. There is no future possible...
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