21 cosmic race mixture is the ultimate form of

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Unformatted text preview: nd despite this impossibility, it continues to make attempts. In a sense, whiteness is the very attempt to form or manufacture a delimited body of a particular type. Within the social formation of white supremacy, whiteness serves as ‘a means for mastering the trauma of an experience without categories and without unity, which has no positive content’ (Shaviro, 1990, p. 3). I will refer to this experience as the event of miscegenation — the abject order of excessive and violent incoherence, traversed by affect and marked by the radical impersonality of desire at work beyond or beneath the semblance of raed order. We feel its pressure as the outside of raation, so to speak. Put differently, it refers to the fact (traumatic from the point of view of a raed social formation) that ‘we are all of mixed origin’, that the indifference (which is not simply sameness) of the human corpus cannot be mastered, that the categories of raation rest only upon convention. In short, the event of misc...
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