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Unformatted text preview: s, we might organise around the differential impacts of white-supremacist logics. In particular, he calls for a destabilisation of the category “Asian American” by contending that the Filipino condition may be more specifically understood in conjunction with whether they are black, Indigenous, Mestizo, etc. Consequently, we may want to follow the lead of Dylan Rodriguez, who suggests that the logic of genocide from which, he argues, the very category of Filipino itself emerged.6 In addition, these logics themselves may vary depending on the geographic or historical context. As outlined here, these logics reflect the point I am trying to argue is that analysing white supremacy in any context may benefit from not presuming a single logic but assessing how it might be operating through multiple logics (even as these multiple logics may vary). a United States–specific context and may differ greatly in other places and times. However, Impact: Turns Case Their epistemological framework is essentialist and totalizing – effaces the possibility for African communal politics BÂ 11 (SAËR MATY, teaches film at Portsmouth University, “The US Decentred From Black Social Death to Cultural Transformation”, hthttp://epress.lib....
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