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Unformatted text preview: acy Common Black folk’s daily news! Themes show up in slave hymns Work songs Gospel Bebop And Black Blues Awareness then re-emerged Sprung from urban streets When Black Arts Poets radicalized verse w-a-a-a-ay before Slam, more politicized than Beats19 See In the beginning was the Spoken Word Righteous rhythm, indignation and rhyme Folks droppin’ science Subversive Outspoken Defiance Conscious of urban decay, racism, poverty and war And by the way what the hell are we now fightin’ for? ANOTHER THEME FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP REVOLUTION! [hook] Merge critical theory discourse Activism and teachin’ Consciousness raisin’ Signifyin’, Rappin’ and Preachin’ with substance for IMPACT Currently what we, in the Academy, lack and NEED to get back Or at least GET-on-Top-of-dat! See Back in the day Youth had a “message”21 spawned noble, global emulation Raised attention Grew in influence and significance Folks still rappin’ worldwide for relevance! From Brazil to Shanghai Youth construct social space Where the lyrical And rhyme converge with talks of race And at home the messages brought awareness Verbal fluidity A dope-ass beat22 And Black linguistic acuity Gave liberal and suburban kids Somethin’ ne...
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