355 reformfreedom humans are stuck in self adjustment

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Unformatted text preview: ted: he maintains that had Blacks-as-Slaves not been in the White field of vision on a daily basis that it would have been virtually impossible for Whites to transform themselves from colonial subjects into Revolutionaries: Especially prominent in the rhetoric and reality of the [Revolutionary] era, the concepts of freedom and slavery were applied to a wide variety of events and values and were constantly being defined and redefined … [E]arly understandings of American freedom were in many ways dependent on the existence of chattel slavery… [We should] see slavery in revolutionary discourse, not merely as a hyperbolic rhetorical device but as a crucial and fluid [fungible] concept that had a major impact on the way early Americans thought about their political future…The slavery metaphor destabilized previously accepted categories of thought about politics, race, and the early republic. (355) Reform/Freedom Humans are stuck in self adjustment and reform – perpetuating the existence of a civil society which necessitates for...
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