6 miscegenation deals with what cannot be represented

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Unformatted text preview: views of these works see Goodchild, 1996 and Holland, 1999). Indeed, his meditations in this case were largely in dialogue with the ferment of critical attention generated a` propos of the publication of the first of their co-authored books.3 A detailed discussion of their inter-textual relations is, however, beyond the scope of this essay. What I would like to borrow from each is a measure of the urgent attention brought to bear on this double movement of dispersion and regulation in the formation of power relations. My objective is to put such a sensibility to work in a discussion of the operations of global white supremacy (which is inextricable from but not identical to the capitalist world-system).4 My focus in this essay is the dynamics of raation in the post-war era United States, with particular attention to the politics of interracial sexuality in the movement for civil rights and the post-civil rights affirmation of multiracial identity. Within this historical and political field, I present a critique of the emergent notion of multiraciality vis-a`-vis anti-miscegenation, a histori...
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