7 it is not merely the settlers or perpetrators

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Unformatted text preview: r’¶ because anyone can be a ‘nigger’. (235)7¶ Similarly, in chapter ten, ‘A Crisis in the Commons’, Wilderson addresses the issue of¶ ‘Black time’. Black is irredeemable, he argues, because, at no time in history had it ¶ been deemed, or deemed through the right historical moment and place. In other¶ words, the black moment and place are not right because they are ‘the ship hold of¶ the Middle Passage’: ‘the most coherent temporality ever deemed as Black time’ but¶ also ‘the “moment” of no time at all on the map of no place at all’. (279)¶ Not only does Pinho’s more mature analysis expose this point as preposterous¶ (see below), I also wonder what Wilderson makes of the countless historians’ and¶ sociologists’ works on slave ships, shipboard insurrections and/during the Middle¶ Passage,8 or of groundbreaking jazz ‐studies books on cross‐cultural dialogue like¶ The Other Side of Nowhere (2004). Nowhere has another side, but once Wilderson¶ theorises blacks as socially and ontologically dead while dismissing jazz as¶ ‘belonging nowhere and to no one, simply there for the taking’, (225) there seems to¶ be no way back. It is therefore hardly surprising that Wilderson ducks the need to ¶ provide a solution or alternative to both his sustained bas...
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