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Unformatted text preview: cal praxis that I take to be a component of — perhaps the fundamental feature of — white supremacist raation. Such comments are offered as a preliminary rejoinder to the cliche´s of white supremacy against which the contemporary multiracial movement currently does political and ideological battle . My contention is, quite simply, that the movement to date fails to appreciate the nuance of the logic of whiteness, that is to say, how it actually works with, and not simply in opposition to, hybridity, complexity, process, movement — qualities typically attributed to the domain of interracial sexuality and multiraciality .5 Antiblackness deals with the particular and attempts to master the trauma, multiculturalism cannot be mastered Sexton, Director, African American Studies School of Humanities, 2003 (Jared, “The Consequence of Race Mixture: Raed Barriers and the Politics of Desire”, Social Identities, Volume 9, Number 2, 2003,Accessed 8-4-12, MR) I begin by rephrasing Lyotard’s maxim in this way: whiteness cannot form a body. However, a...
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