A politics therefore affirming the life of the child

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Unformatted text preview: t;indifference" to, this reduction to one singular category. It is when pushing a wheelchair-bound friend into an airport and noting with singular relationship between mere existence and love. He writes that " annoyance the infantilizing treatment to which one's intelligent and dignified friend is subjected by well-intentioned airport employees, that she becomes disabled. This is not to deny the unique obstacles her disability places before her on a daily basis, but to acknowledge how devastating this lack of the state of forgetfulness can be, as the loved one with all of her predicates becomes reduced to one identifiable category. In using such terms as forgetfulness or indifference, I am attempting to find a language to describe this It isn't blindness to disability, color, or gender, but recognition of and appreciation for the bare existence or life of the other, against which the skin color, genitalia or degree of muscle coordination responsible for designating us as this or that identity become relatively insignificant. Insignificant for the love we bear him or her, which is not the same as saying insignificant in the sense that another's stru...
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